Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Layachi Gallery

As I teleported in to Paris, I came across an art gallery that caught my eye. The Layachi Gallery in the Bay City. It is filled with “real life” artwork, paintings and digital works. Second Life artist, Layachi IHNEN, known in “real life” as Layachi Hamidouche is a painter, digital artist and a retired Professor of Mathematics. His artwork is so surreal because the color contrasts just grab the viewer, but also many of his works are of women. The interesting fact is that the faces of the women seem lively and vivid, but are surrounded with digital graphics that draws the viewer to her face and magically takes you to her eyes. I was instantly stunned after waiting for all the art to focus in, by the details of his works. There were no other visitors in the gallery, not even the artist, but I did see a sign that he was there July 5. This just shows what a wonderful way to advertise your works to viewers on Second Life. If I have never have gone into this gallery, I would have never of known who Layachi Hamidouche was!

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